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Agata is an experienced coach and organisational psychologist. Since the start of her career as a psychologist, her focus has mostly been on supporting leaders with their professional development and resilience. 

She also has been helping clients to lead through crises since 2010. Her experience includes working with individuals and organisations during the Haiti earthquake, Ebola response and other more local crises. Her clinical and commercial experience helps clients to lead and look after the resilience of their teams through uncertain times. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

Agata's background

Agata finished MsC in Clinical Psychology and MsC in Occupational Psychology. Since 2010 she has been combining her clinical and business psychology knowledge when working with clients.

Client organisations she worked with include NHS, NGOs, public sector, private sector, financial services and professional services.

Her in-house experience includes working for Hay Group(now Korn Ferry), Royal Hospital for Neurodisability and PwC. 

Working for and with a variety of clients gave her exposure to a range of working cultures and enhanced her knowledge of challenges clients face across industries. 

What does Agata say about her coaching approach?

"I see coaching as an opportunity for an individual and organisation to make the most of the skills and talent they have.

I base my coaching practice on positive psychology, which means that I work with your strengths. That supports you with understanding how you can use them to become more resilient, motivated, engaged, or overcome challenges you have been struggling with.


My role is to support you to be the best, resilient version of yourself in order to stay motivated, engaged and productive at work." 

Get in touch to book your initial session or if you have any questions

Agata Perepeczko Founder,
Psychologist & Executive Coach

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