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Resilient Individual

Resilient individuals are an asset to any organisation.

They play a big part of creating a resilient workforce. 

Our offer includes a set of short online webinars for individuals, who want to develop and maintain their resilience. 

In addition to the webinars, individuals and teams can access :

1:1 coaching

Action Learning Groups

Access to resilience building resources

Image by Vinicius Wiesehofer

Online webinars

We start our resilience building journey with

4x30 mins online webinars

Each week we encourage participants to focus on various resilience aspects. 

Sessions are delivered by our Founder

Agata Perepeczko, a psychologist and Resilience expert.   

1:1 Coaching

This additional service helps individuals to create their own Resilience Development Plan. 

During those sessions an experienced coach will support an individual with focusing on their Resilience Building Journey

Image by Stefan Cosma
Image by Jon Tyson

Action Learning Groups

Action Learning Groups are the best opportunity to learn from each other.

Solution focused , facilitated sessions will enable individuals to learn from each other and reach their resilience related goals even quicker.

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