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Resilient Extra

Part of maintaining resilience is continuous learning.

We live and work in a constantly changing environment. In order to be resilient, we need to be able to navigate change successfully without "burning the candle from both ends". 

Our Resilient Extra offer is a range of initiatives that can help your Workforce to stay resilient.

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Wellbeing at Work Forum

Our Wellbeing at work forum is a monthly run event, where passionate wellbeing advocates get together to  explore current wellbeing related challenges at work, learn from each other's best practice but also learn from the wellbeing professionals (such as psychologists and medical doctors).

Our dream is to see wellbeing initiatives being successfully implemented across organisations globally. We can only come closer to that dream with passionate professionals who can make a difference at their workplaces.

Join us today. 


Guest Speaker 

Agata offers bespoke sessions for your conferences and team away days. 

Please get in touch to explore how Agata can support your professional development days. 

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Coaching services

Are you trying to lead your team through current crisis and would like to explore the best ways to do that?

Do you find it challenging to keep your team engaged while under pressure and stress?

Are you getting ready for a promotion?

Have you recently landed that dream job and need a little bit of support to be the best version of yourself?

Do you feel stuck and not sure what to do ?

Those are only some of the questions I can help you answer.

Resilient coaching is a process that aims to help you be the best, resilient version of yourself in order to thrive and help your team to thrive too. I focus on your strengths, to ensure you accelerate at work and achieve the goal you have always wanted to achieve.

My approach has been described as : professional , friendly and supportive. I have helped many clients overcome obstacles, grow in confidence and accelerate in their career.

60-90 minutes coaching sessions can be face to face or virtual.

Please get in touch to explore how I can help you move forward.


Resilience in Times of Crisis

Agata has vast experience in helping clients in times of crisis. Be it individual or organisational crisis management, she is able to support you. 

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